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Rumors rebuffed: Standing allowed in the ‘Shoe

Rumors rebuffed: Standing allowed in the ‘Shoe


Wednesday, university officials were scrambling around attempting to squelch the rumor that surfaced that stand could not stand in the Ohio Stadium. What set it all off? “Fans can text ‘BRUTUS’ to 69050 and stadium staff or police will respond to your issue. That includes fans who are misbehaving, swearing, inebriated, or who do not sit during game play,” from 10TV. That of course set fans into a frenzy. How could they not be allowed to stand and cheer? Even Ohio State football’s first lady got in on the ruckus.

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The university eventually clarified that there has never been and still isn’t a policy against standing at the games, but it would be interesting to see Urban Meyer’s reaction if his wife were to get kicked out of a game.

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