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You may now add 5 chances to put your seat in the full upright position for the bowl game

You may now add 5 chances to put your seat in the full upright position for the bowl game

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UPDATE: Southwest Airlines is adding five (130 seat) nonstop flights between Columbus and New Orleans for fans wanting to go to the Bowl Game. The airline joins the list of expanded services being offered in anticipation of game travel. US Airways and Delta Airlines have already added extra flights to their services. The Southwest flights will leave Columbus on Dec. 30th and return Jan.2, one day after the OSU game against Alabama.

Aside from the seven flights scheduled from Columbus, fans can also look into three charted flights. Two from Xtra Airways and one from Miami Air International. It is expected that these 10 flights will take about 1,300 passengers from Columbus to New Orleans over the NYE weekend. If you’re planning on flying to game later this month, there is one word of suggestion: Airborne.

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Previously Dec. 9, 2014

When ordering, it’s best to aggressively hit the refresh button

There’s about to be some Hunger Games style competition for OSU Bowl Game tickets. The Athletic Department is creating a wait list for tickets and is directing fans to submit requests at their website.  OSU will get 13,000 tickets for the game and once season ticket holders, faculty/staff, and students have their tickets, a public ticket sale will start with those on the waiting list (that is, if any tickets are left).

Priority ordering for donor groups, season ticket holders, and Varsity O Football members will end Dec. 8 at 5:00 p.m.
Faculty/Staff and Student ticket lotteries starts on Dec. 9

Ticket prices start at $195 including service charges.

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Previously Dec. 8, 2014

Sugar rush for bowl game tickets sends Columbus into frenzy

Columbus is ramping up for a trip down South. After the announcement that OSU will play Alabama in the Allstate Sugar Bowl, local travel agents and ticket sellers were flooded with calls. And while some Cbusers are using the game as a full package getaway, others are just looking for game tickets (which are already becoming available). Ticket broker Alex Schaffer, of 444-SEAT, estimates that tickets for the game will start at $300, but could go as high as $500 for lower-level seats and $800 for the sideline. For those who see beer, beignets and scarlet and grey in their future, its best to pick up the phone, or fire up the internet browser, and buy your tickets as soon as possible.

Companies offering tickets for the game:

Companies offing travel packages:

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