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It’s raining (craft) beer

It’s raining (craft) beer


UPDATE: Cincinnati based MadTree Brewing Co. began distributing its canned beer in Columbus this week. Its beers have been available on tap in restaurants like The Crest, Matt the Miller’s and World of Beer, but having cans available is part of its expansion plan. The brewery will also be increasing its keg distribution. Right now, only four canned beers are being distributed in Columbus, but co-founder Brady Duncan hopes to add more of its seasonal brews in 2015.

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Canned brews:

  • Lift kolsch
  • Happy Amber
  • Gnarly Brown
  • PsycHOPathy IPA

Previously Dec. 4, 2014

Another day, another brewer descends from Beer Heaven

Who needs Stone Brewing Company? Columbus is about to get another quality craft brewer, this time from just an hour and a half away. MadTree Brewing Company, out of Cincinnati, is about to expand to our fair city.

The brewer has been available since March at select local taprooms including Bodega and Ohio Taproom. “We’re expanding first with draft and then packaged. This is a big step for us,” said Kenny McNutt, a co-founder of MadTree. The plan is to bring their IPA, Amber, and Brown to retail in the now trendy can.

In an interesting twist, MadTree actually makes its beer recipes available on its website, so home brewers can take a crack at it. But Kenny adds, “A lot more goes into beer than the recipe alone.”





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