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Columbus Knife Fight: A Food Network-esque battle

Columbus Knife Fight: A Food Network-esque battle


Challah! food truck chef Catie Randazzo is starting a competition for local chefs to battle it out, making at least two dishes with a basket of mystery ingredients, but she won’t just be officiating. Randazzo will also be one of the first round competitors, taking on Matt Heaggans of Swoop! Food Truck and Bebe at the Hey Hey, according to Crave. The food made from the mystery basket and a limited pantry (courtesy of North Market) will be served to a panel of local judges. The winning prize: pride, bragging rights and getting to pick the mystery ingredients for the next Columbus Knife Fight. Randazzo is hoping the battle can be a regular one, taking place every other month. The first battle will be at the Food Fort, 747 Parkwood Ave. July 26.

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