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Baba’s opening soon, reminding you of your grandma

Baba’s opening soon, reminding you of your grandma


Baba’s is meant to be homey. It’s mean to be warm.

“Baba for me is my great grandmother,” said owner Dan Kraus who also heads That Food Truck. “The women in my family are the ones that I owe everything to in terms of who I am today as a cook and how I look at food.” Through those relationships, Kraus is crafting a place that would be reminiscent of the iconic grandma. Wood will be a predominant feature of his shop and by using refurbished barn wood, creating a cozy environment. “My best memories are sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen and great grandmother’s kitchen and cooking,” he said.

The shop will feature a grocery store, bakery and restaurant combo. Matt Swint of Matija Breads will be heading the baked breads with Italian artisan breads. When Kraus met Swint, or rather, when he tasted his bread he thought, “That’s the person I should be cooking with permanently.”

Complimenting the bakery will be the restaurant with two different kinds of menus that aren’t the norm for most establishments. One menu customers will find out the main ingredients in the dishes (but not necessarily how they are cooked or prepared). The other menu is more of a chef’s choice for those who are looking for a little more adventure.

Previously November 5, 2014
Man behind That Food Truck opening up permanent shop

Dan Kraus of That Food Truck has wanted to open a brick and mortar shop and has had several ideas, some of which didn’t come to complete fruition. Now though, he has rented out the space¬†near Hudson and Summit for a grocery store, cafe, restaurant combo named Baba’s. Baker Matt Swint from Matija Breads and pastry chef Jackson Roecker will be behind a lot of the food, and dinners will also be served. Kraus is planning to open the shop in the winter.

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