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Opinion: Maestro of the Midwest

Opinion: Maestro of the Midwest

614now Staff

It looks like Fast Company and Alex Helperin of taking note of what Cbusrs already know: Columbus is a great food city. The article, “Maestro of the Midwest: For the Future of American Eating, Look to Columbus” was published earlier this week and spotlights the city’s growing restaurant and food scene.

Halperin writes, “As a hub of national restaurant and fashion brands, Columbus has developed a civic specialty in absorbing coastal excesses and distilling them into mass product. For decades, Ohio’s capital has also been known as a test market where restaurant pros audition new products before rolling them out nationwide. The tastebuds of the city’s students and harried families stand in for those of the nation.”

Aside from the city’s test-kitchen persona, the article also focuses on Columbus restaurant staples like Jeni’s and Cameron Mitchell’s. And as Mitchell says, “We don’t have any preconceived notions. Maybe if you’re on the coasts you already think you’re cool, you already think you know everything. We don’t want to be so avant-garde or so hot that we alienate people. We have to, by our nature, appeal to the masses.”

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