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Restaurants picked for the Slow Food Columbus list

Restaurants picked for the Slow Food Columbus list


Restaurants that make it through the rigorous wringer to have the Snail of Approval on the Slow Food’s lists are the anti-fast food joint. The restaurants are focused on local ingredients, food that tastes good and is actually good for you (because that can exist), a low environmental impact and every part of production of products is fair. The group announced its very first Columbus list and the global movement was very selective in the Columbus restaurants that it chose.

Heirloom Cafe: The restaurant is located within the Wexner Center, and patrons can actually see herbs growing under lights behind the register. Breakfast is served all day, and Heirloom serves up seasonal ingredients in all its dishes.

Portia Cafe: Located in North Columbus, Portia Cafe takes healthy options seriously, not even serving ice in their filtered water because they think without ice is the healthiest way. Kind instructions also help patrons figure out the best (and classiest) way to eat a lettuce wrap while attempting to not look too foolish. It’s not easy.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams (of course): Is there any list Jeni won’t make? From the milk to the ingredients to the flavors that change with a drop of a hat, Jeni’s makes it fresh and has expanded her franchise all over Columbus and even to other states.

Skillet Rustic Urban Food: Tucked away into German Village, the breakfast eatery is almost never without a line spilling out the door no matter the weather, and it always seems to be worth it. Serving breakfast and lunch with hearty, fresh meals most patrons don’t care that they have to wait an hour outside for a table in the small restaurant.

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