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The fierce side of Halloween

The fierce side of Halloween


You are what you wear, or at least according to HighBall. This year’s costume party is set to begin Friday with performances and an 80s themed night. (Keeping those leg warmers is finally going to come in handy.) Friday begins with their HighBall Happy Hour and then musicians take the stage throughout the night. Shows for the first night include the Wet Darlings, MoJoFlo, Nina West, Lydia Loveless and Taylor Dayne.

Saturday includes the famous HighBall Costume Couture Fashion Show along with the main costume contest. Of course, Nina West will be there through the entire weekend along with festival goers dressed to the nines in their best costume.

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Previously October 8, 2014
Curse word in HighBall ad prompts controversy

An ad that ran in Outlook magazine has been dubbed by some as being derogatory. The ad which promoted Highball read “Bitches, get your fierce on,” and ran in a publication that caters typically to the LGBT community. Local restaurateur, Liz Lessner took to social media to debase the ad. Lessner, the owner of Surly Girl Saloon along with other eateries, wrote on her blog, “The ad appropriates outdated gay male stereotypes and offends all women.” In her post, she said the Short North Alliance had intended the phrase to be from the voice of a drag queen. Included in her post is a letter written by Doug Motz, a business owner in the Short North who opened the first inclusive GLBT bookstore. “I cannot fully express my disappointment with the crass & vulgar ad you ran in Outlook that apparently targets & labels the GLBT community in Columbus as ‘Bitches,'” he wrote.

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