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Rental company allows flag to stay

Rental company allows flag to stay



Following the hoopla that surrounded the flag issue at a Whitehall residence, the landlord has now said Julia Lease can keep her flag. The lawyer who represented the landlords said the change in heart was “due in part to the media frenzy that this has created,” according to the Dispatch. Lease, while happy she can keep her flag, was upset it took so much to keep it there.

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Previously August 28, 2014
Rental company says flag not the issue, structure damage

After a Whitehall woman was told she couldn’t hang an American flag on her home, people were enraged with how a company could ask for a flag to be removed. The company, New Life Multi-Family Management, has said it’s not the flag that is the problem, but the fact that they don’t allow anything to be fixed to the outside of their rental homes so that their won’t be any damage to the infrastructure. It apparently though took about 36 years for management to notice the flag at all. Unite Ohio, a military veterans group, plans to march to the complex and hand out flags to everyone, according to the Dispatch.

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Previously August 27, 2014
Whitehall resident told to remove American flag

For 36 years, Julia Lease has watched an American flag wave from her front porch. She’s kept the flag on the front of her¬†house in Whitehall without issue, until Aug. 20 she received a notice of lease violation. “Please remove flag from your front porch. Thank you!” the notice stuffed into her front door read, according to the Dispatch. She’s not sure why, after decades of the flag flying someone would take issue with it now, the paper reported. She said a lawyer has spoken to management about the violation who said they would be sending her additional paperwork. Until then, she’s keeping the flag up, the paper reported.

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