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NYT on FitzGerald: Ruining other Ohio Dems ?

NYT on FitzGerald: Ruining other Ohio Dems ?


In the New York Times article “Fumbled Bid for Governor Imperils Ohio Democrats,” the paper looks at how critical Ed FitzGerald’s terminal campaign is to other Ohio democrats looking to take office. State democrats are hoping to push voters into looking from the bottom to the top and essentially ignoring FitzGerald’s tanked attempts at governor after snippets from his past came to light. “This is the last thing you want, to be limping into an election at the top of the ticket,” said Joe Schiavoni, the minority leader of the State Senate, according to The New York Times.

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Previously September 25, 2014
Ed FitzGerald on list as one of the worst campaigns of 2014

Politically ideologies aside, Ed FitzGerald has kind of tanked his campaign for governor, and Politico recently dropped him onto the list for worst campaigns of 2014 (this is not the first list he’s made either). At the very beginning, many Democrats held him as a glimmer of hope in taking incumbent Ohio governor John Kasich out of office. That hope is pretty much gone at this point. Polls are showing Kasich has gotten a 30-point lead and FitzGerald’s campaign just couldn’t sustain the hit from the disocvery that he had been found in a car with a woman who wasn’t his wife and hasn’t had a valid drivers license in years.

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