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Turns out the Midwest does more than make corn

Turns out the Midwest does more than make corn


Oddly enough, the world might soon recognize the Midwest as more than just a giant producer of a lot of corn (which really most people still believe). Vox released a list of 41 maps that define what exactly the midwest is. From the area being the hottest for photosynthesis courtesy of all those lovely fields, to how deep and large the Great Lakes really are, to calling the area “flyover states” is only partially accurate.

One of the defining factors: the band’s performance of ‘Script Ohio.’

The map diagrams exactly how each and every band member is supposed to move and where they are set to stand and calls dotting the “i” a time-honored tradition. The band even claims that “if you were to select any band member at random, he or she could lead Script Ohio without a single misstep.”

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