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Zettler Hardware closure makes room for others

Zettler Hardware closure makes room for others


For two decades Zettler Hardware in Worthington has taken up a pretty big chunk of space, but with their closure several new businesses will be able to move into their property. One of those newcomers will be GRID Furnishings, previously in the Short North. According to Columbus Business First, the hardware store is closing shop because of fewer costumers and the rising cost to keep the place running. It takes up a 10,000-square-foot building, and GRID will get 3,000 square feet of it and other businesses will divvy up the remainder. Zettler Hardware has begun discounting its products to clear out everything through the end of the month.

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Previously October 28, 2014
GRID Furnishings moving on from the Short North

Grid Furnishings won’t be staying in the Short North much longer, and the owner has opted not to renew his lease. Instead owner Tim Friar is heading out to Old Worthington, looking to finalize his new lease. The store is dedicated to modern furniture that’s also at an affordable price and has been in the space since 2010. “The core reason is because I’m getting a bigger space,” Friar said. His new location will have more than double the space as his Short North store does. He’s looking to open up the Old Worthington store by next year, but there will be a period of online only sales for customers during the in between period.

In its place will be RocketFizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop, dedicated to bringing the Short North imported candy, flavored soda and other treats. The store is actually a California based chain that has locations all over the US.

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