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Gotcha Gachapon anime store launches Kickstarter

Gotcha Gachapon anime store launches Kickstarter



One of the newest Short North additions (inside Maotef Gifts) has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a space of their own. They are up to their neck in Japanese arcade games, Pachinko! (like Japanese pinball) and of course Gachapon which are vending machines that hold small Asian products. The small space they currently occupy and share with another retailer isn’t quite ideal and they are hoping to get another store within the Short North where they can set up a gaming lounge and spread out their inventory. Their goal is to raise $15,000 by Dec. 5.

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Previously October 15, 2014
Japanese games and anime now in the Short North

Nestled inside Maotef Gifts in the Short North is a new store dedicated to Japanese arcade games, anime, toys and more. Gotcha Gachapon is now open and the speciality imported gifts are what they think will draw in visitors. While yes, there are arcades in Columbus, the owners at Gotcha Gachapon are aiming for games that most people haven’t played or even seen really.

You want that Sailor Moon poster? They’ve got it.

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