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Motel owner released from jail, finally demoing motel

Motel owner released from jail, finally demoing motel

Courtesy of NBC4
Courtesy of NBC4

Fu Chu has been sitting in jail since a he did not meet his deadline to demolish a hotel that had a court ordered demo date. The Motel One was considered a breeding ground for criminal activity, prostitution among other things and the city shut it down in 2012. Chu has been released and the demo is expected to be soon. Chu probably now knows the judge was not messing around when he told him to knock the thing down.

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Previously August 1, 2014
Motel owner slammed with jail time, didn’t demo motel

A Franklin County judge was both “infuriated” and “dumfounded” as to why motel owner, Fu Ih Chu, hadn’t demolished the crime-filled motel that had closed down in 2012, according to the Dispatch. The judge had ordered for the tear down by July 31. Aug. 1 rolled around and Chu was in handcuffs. The owner said he had been waiting for a prospective buyer to buy the property before he tore the building down, but the judge has ordered he stay in jail until the motel is down.

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