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Class of 2014: Nick D. and the Believers

Class of 2014: Nick D. and the Believers

Kevin J. Elliott

Chances are, if you’re a regular at Brothers Drake Meadery, you’ve seen Nick D. and the Believers bring the house down once or twice.

It’s the trio’s second home. And among the funk and blues acts that dominate the schedule there, the Believers are certainly the band du jour.

For the last decade, Nick D’Andrea has been a mostly bedroom musician, writing tunes that come directly from what he calls the “Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen school of songcraft” all by his lonesome. It was the coaxing of D’Andrea’s uncle, a music educator and champion of his nephew’s vision, which convinced D’Andrea to pursue the formation of the Believers. Within that Brothers Drake scene, D’Andrea recruited two like-minded individuals in drummer Joseph Barker, of the band Bella Ruse, and guitarist Kerry Henderson, of the Floorwalkers, to fill in the gaps. Though the trio directly refer to Ohio’s native sons, the Black Keys, as the primary inspiration for their sound – even going as far to call what they do “garage soul” – the Believers are breezy and much glossier, incorporating D’Andrea’s adept keyboard playing and a slight reggae vibe to round out their radio-ready formula. “Find a Little Love” for example, does in fact include some of that grit found in the Key’s dirtiness, but is cleaned-up for modern audiences and wouldn’t be out of place alongside Phoenix or Jack Johnson on a CD102.5 playlist. In 2014, the Believers will play a number of shows in and outside of town, culminating in a spot at this summer’s Fashion Meets Music Festival.


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