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Paints & Pints

Paints & Pints


Pint House manager Reed Woogerd cares much less about “art happenings” than he does about art happening.

That’s why, in addition to employing two full-time artists to create work around the massive Short North beer garden, he established Paint the Pint House last year, a monthly mural project in which local artists are hired to create one-of-a-kind pieces live during Gallery Hop, and are later displayed on the Pint House walls. A local art collector himself, Woogerd said he has been underwhelmed by the amount of art being created in the Short North. Something like Paint the House, which most recently featured a creation by Zac Colburn, adds a live demonstration component key to any real art district, he said.

“We knew we wanted to make art – not just hang it up on the wall,” he said. “It’s like, ‘Alright, we’re down here in the Arts District, where’s the art? Oh, it’s hanging over there with price tag on it.’ That’s not really what I would have in mind.”

Woogerd intends for the program to not only pay for itself, but also to create funds to reinvest in future projects, whether by auctioning off the pieces or asking for donations from local businesses. He then plans to use the proceeds to give away arts supplies for the community.

“Making art, in order to make more art,” he said. “That’s the real plan.”

Paint the Pint House during the July 5 Gallery Hop will feature an art exhibition by Joey Knuckles, of Short North Tattoo. The Pint House (780 N High St.) opens at 11 a.m. and painting will take place throughout the day. For more, visit


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