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Parents stand up for Krenzel after assault claim

Parents stand up for Krenzel after assault claim

Matthew Emmons - US PRESSWIRE
Matthew Emmons – US PRESSWIRE

Parents have stepped up in defense of Craig Krenzel after one father accused him of assaulting his 8-year-old son at a football practice. Other parents at the practice have said the situation with the former Ohio State quarterback is being completely exaggerated. “(Krenzel) got him up off the ground but he got him on his feet he was certainly not violently messing around with him or tossing him around,” said Tracy Mitchell who was at the practice, according to ABC6. Krenzel’s lawyer has released a statement on the allegation. “I never did anything that would even remotely put Preston in danger. I did not throw Preston to the ground. He was already on the ground when I arrived,” the statement read.

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Previously August 22, 2014
Police report filed against former OSU QB Craig Krenzel

Former Ohio State quarterback who led the school to the 2002 National Championship, Craig Krenzel, could be in hot water. A father has filed a police report against the former football player. Bruce Wolfe said at his 8-year-old son’s practice in Dublin, Krenzel’s son was also present, and the two children were involved in a drill together. Krenzel’s son’s helmet apparently came off during the drill, and the former OSU player rushed onto the field to pull them apart. Wolfe alleges Krenzel grabbed his son by the shoulder pads and yelled at him, according to 10TV. Wolfe has filled out a police report but there have been no charges made.

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