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Three people lift car to save trapped child in accident

Three people lift car to save trapped child in accident


UPDATE: After a driver did not yield, a child was hit and needed to be airlifted out of the intersection at East Broad Street and Outerbelt. According to ABC6, four people rushed over when they saw the accident to help the child that was stuck under a Mercedes station wagon. Three of the people then lifted the car and the fourth retrieved the child underneath. The mother and her two other children were also hit, but not as severely. According to police, the family had the right of way and the driver will be charged with failure to yield to pedestrians.

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Two children, one adult hit on crosswalk 

A child was seriously injured along with two juveniles and an adult when a car hit them while they were on a crosswalk around 2 p.m. on East Broad Street.  One of the children was taken by medical helicopter to Nationwide Children’s and the others were taken to the hospital by EMS, according to NBC4. Witnesses at the scene said a family had been crossing the street when they were hit by the car.

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