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Truancy threats loom, students still take to picket line

Truancy threats loom, students still take to picket line


Reynoldsburg leaders have threatened truancy for students who picket with the teachers, but some are still leaving school to stand with their teachers. Some of those students even have the approval of their parents, and the Reynoldsburg police chief has said students who’s parents have given them permission shouldn’t have a problem. “I’d rather be out here supporting the teachers than inside being treated like a prisoner,” said sophomore Jayla Cunningham, according to the Dispatch.

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Previously September 19, 2014
Day 1 of strike, fights lock down Reynoldsburg school

It has been less than 24 hours of the teacher strike in Reynoldsburg and Livingston High School is on lockdown after fights erupted in the hall and reports of two students being arrested. The district has been placed on a “modified lockdown” where students stay in the rooms and the teachers move to the different classrooms. Students though are saying that the substitutes aren’t able to control classes with more than 30 students, and they aren’t learning anything. “Everyone is freaking out,” said Michaela Cooper, 14, a 9th grader at Bell Academy, according to the Dispatch. “It’s kind of scary. I want my teachers back.” Cooper was picked up by her mother around noon.

Supporters of the teachers have brought them donuts, and some of the kids have gone out to talk with their teachers on the picket line.

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