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Blue Jackets give ‘marching’ orders to 5th line

Blue Jackets give ‘marching’ orders to 5th line

614now Staff

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 12.46.08 PMSure, you may have had the inclination to ignite the night, carry the flag, or go all out, all season. You may have checked your watch and realized that it was jackets time or told a friend that they gotta see it live. Well, prepare yourself. The Blue Jackets have a new marketing slogan that they want to lay on you.

March With Us

After having encouraged fans to join the battle for the last three seasons, the marketing folks at the CBJ say that it’s time for a change and that they are pumped about the new tag line. The club says that they’ve turned a corner in terms of connecting with fans and the city. They point to the success of Columbus’ hosting of last season’s NHL All Star Weekend as proof.

March with us shows the team as one with the city displaying visuals of CBJ players and games over Columbus landmarks…and of celebratory fans superimposed onto the players themselves. A video accompanying the campaign is narrated by a familiar Buckeye voice…Kirk Herbstreit.

The Columbus Blue Jackets begin pre-season play at home on September 21st vs the Pittsburgh Penguins. Be ready to march.  (jj)

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