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Mindy Kaling takes Nationwide to the Superbowl

Mindy Kaling takes Nationwide to the Superbowl

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Nationwide aired its first Superbowl commercial since 2007. The commercial featured Mindy Kaling going about New York, thinking she was invisible. Which begs the question: what would you do if you thought you were invisible? (deb)

Previously Jan. 23, 2015

Another Columbus-based company* is headed back to the Super Bowl. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., who hasn’t had a Super Bowl commercial since 2007, released a teaser for their upcoming spot. And who’s the main focus of the commercial? Not Nationwide’s NFL spokesman Peyton Manning.

This time around, Nationwide’s commercial will feature Mindy Kaling of the Office and The Mindy Project fame. In the commercial, Kaling believes she’s invisible; a message that Chief Marketing Officer Matthew Jauchius says the company is using because, “Consumers increasingly feel as if brands are treating them as if they’re invisible.”

What do you think of the commercial? Or better yet – what would you do if you were “invisible?” (deb)

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*Earlier this week, Victoria Secret’s (who hasn’t advertised during the Super Bowl since 2008) released a teaser promoting its upcoming commercial


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