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Tiger Woods makes Memorial announcement

Tiger Woods makes Memorial announcement

614now Staff

Every year at around this time, golf fans in the (614) begin to hear the ‘will he or won’t he’ conversation. Tiger Woods…will he play in the Memorial? The five-time winner of the tournament told host Jack Nicklaus not long ago that he should expect to see him at Muirfield this year. Today, that was confirmed.

“From both the perspective of the tournament and as a golf fan, I am delighted that Tiger will be back at the Memorial. His record at Muirfield Village Golf Club speaks for itself, but he has not only been a tremendous and gracious winner, Tiger has been a favorite among the fans who always support the Memorial. We expect to once again have a wonderful field for this, the 40th playing of the Memorial, and we appreciate Tiger being among those players to give his early commitment and support to the Tournament.” – Jack Nicklaus

It looks like it will be a busy summer for golf’s former #1 player. In addition to the Memorial, Tiger has given word that he will appear in a number of other events through the course of the season.  (jj)

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