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Buckeyes honored in butter at Ohio State Fair

Buckeyes honored in butter at Ohio State Fair

614now Staff

11027440_10153139246851647_8886242929438246966_oThere are lots of things that you can lay claim to at the Ohio State Fair. Farm folks can be recognized for showing the best livestock or growing the most impressive produce. Visitors can win a stuffed animal or some other fun prize for knocking over a bunch of milk bottles in a game on the midway. But maybe the biggest honor that you can claim at the fair is to have your likeness displayed in butter.

The Ohio Dairy Farmers honor OSU this year with butter versions of Coach Urban Meyer, Brutus Buckeye and the College Football Playoff National Championship. You likely recall that Ohio State defeated Oregon in January’s championship game 42 – 20…a 22-point margarine margin of victory.

The Ohio State Fair begins its run today…July 29th thru August 9th.  (jj)



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