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Bier Stube North exits in favor of JT’s Pizza & Pub

Bier Stube North exits in favor of JT’s Pizza & Pub

614now Staff

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 3.19.15 PMWe recently got word that the Bier Stube North (2832 West Dublin Granville Rd) is history. The bar has been purchased by Joe Hartnett, owner of neighboring JT’s Pizza. (The two have long-shared the same building.)

Joe has been in business with JT’s for 8 years, having purchased the pizza joint when he was just 21 years old. Now he’s ready to expand. He tells me that renovations are well underway with changes to the building’s interior and exterior. Joe says that with the upgrades, he hope to give the place a fresh neighborhood sports bar feel. A relaunch and rebranding is planned for November 7th with the newly joined business fronts taking the name JT’s Pizza & Pub.

Joe says the work won’t stop with the new unveiling. Plans for early next year include improvements to the former Bier Stube’s already existing outdoor patio. The hope is to make that a more inviting spot for customers and to stage LIVE music performances. Expect the patio to be ready in time for Spring.  (jj)

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