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BrewDog location revealed

BrewDog location revealed

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1433933877DogBlessAmericaWe’ve now known for weeks that Scottish brewer BrewDog was planning to launch their U.S. operations here in central Ohio. What we haven’t know…is where. Now we do. Canal Winchester gets the nod. A 42-acre plot of land addressed at 96 Gender Road is near a fire department, a bike path and some rec fields. The coming brewery promises to bring around 125 jobs to the area. BrewDog says that the facility will include not just the brewery, but the offices for the company’s U.S. operations, a visitor center, a restaurant and a tap room.

No word on when construction will begin, but the project is expected to be complete by the end of next summer.  (jj)

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Continuing to hold tight to the exact location. BrewDog is providing more details about their coming Columbus brewery.

We have provisionally agreed a deal to acquire 42 acres of land in the Columbus Region and will be constructing a full-scale 100,000 square foot kick ass craft brewery there, giving our legion of North American friends access to the freshest BrewDog beer imaginable. The site that we have obtained has excellent utilities (we’ve already dialed in a fantastic water source) and has the potential to be serviced by rail. When complete, our Columbus area brewery will also house our US offices, a visitor center, a craft beer restaurant and a suitably epic tap room – all accessible from a fantastic cycle path as well as by road.

– BrewDog statement

BrewDog went on to say that they expect the facility to create as many as 100 jobs.  (jj)

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Previous: Report: BrewDog selects site for Columbus brewery 6/9/15

We told you over the weekend about BrewDog’s announcement to investors that Columbus would be the site of their U.S. brewery. Now comes word that they have the specific location picked out. What we don’t know…is where exactly that is. But we’ll soon find out. BrewDog co-owner James Watt says that there are still a few details to work out, but the big official announcement should come soon.  (jj)

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Previous: Brewdog confirms its choice 6/6/15

In an event viewed as one-part rock show / one-part business meeting, higher-ups at Scotland-based Brewdog brewing told investors on Saturday of plans to expand West. People inside the hall seem to confirm the word…Brewdog will put their American brewery in Columbus. More details still to come.  (jj)




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Previous: Brewdog considers two 6/5/15

It seems as if Columbus has a little bit of competition. Scotland-based Brewdog has been on the hunt for a location for its planned U.S. brewery. We’ve felt like we’ve had the inside track on the plant, but it looks Charleston, South Carolina may have something to say about that. Word is that site selection is down to the two of us. Brewdog appears to still favor Columbus, but its not a done deal yet.  (jj)

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Previous: Columbus gets a little more Scottish 4/27/15

Columbus is about to get a taste from ‘across the pond.’ Scottish brewers, BrewDog, are making the leap across the ocean and opening a US flagship. And just where might this new locale be? COLUMBUS! That’s right! BrewDog made the announcement today that they’re getting the final steps ready for a Columbus opening:

We are also delighted to announce that we are in advance discussions for a site in Columbus, Ohio that would house our USA production brewery. We will hopefully be able to provide you all with more of an update on this as soon as we can. In the meantime, we will continue to work hard to make this plan a reality!

Finally, I’ll have an appropriate beer to wash down all the haggis I’ve been eating while watching Outlander. (deb)

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Previously March 2, 2015

Thanks to Stone Brewing, Scottish brewery might jump the pond to Cbus

It looks like Scotland’s BrewDog is taking Stone Brewing’s Columbus recommendation pretty seriously. BrewDog’s Founder, James Watt, tweeted and insta’d the question:”Does Columbus, Ohio need a BrewDog US brewery?” And if the social media responses are any indicator, it’s a solid yes! (deb)

Previously Jan. 26, 2015 

While many are still mourning the loss of Stone Brewing, it looks like the brewery isn’t done with Columbus just yet. On Friday, Stone Brewing Co.’s CEO Greg Koch took to the company’s Facebook page to let everyone know that Scotland’s BrewDog is looking to open a US location. And that he’s more than happy to recommend their other two finalists (Norfolk and Columbus!) as excellent locales.

Dear Columbus, Ohio & Norfolk, Virginia

Our good friends at Scotland’s BrewDog are potentially looking for a U.S. spot to locate a production facility, tasting room…and perhaps even a restaurant. I told them that I’d be more than happy to make an introduction to the good folks at the other two “Top 3” locations we considered (ultimately we chose Richmond, Virginia, as you all know). Of course, we’ll make direct introductions between James Watt at BrewDog and the governmental officials of your two fine cities, and let you take any possible discussions from there. We really value the relationships we have built, and are more than happy to help connect some dots with our friends at BrewDog.

Cheers | Greg Koch, CEO & Co-founder, Stone Brewing Co.

Does this mean I have to start eating haggis? Or learn what it is? (deb)

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