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Crowdfunding Spotlight: DareDevil Dogs

Crowdfunding Spotlight: DareDevil Dogs

614now Staff
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Each week, we give a bit of space and focus to a local would-be entrepreneur. Generally, this is someone who has ideas and goals for a product or business, but maybe not the funds to get their promising enterprise off the ground. These folks turn to crowdfunding and we help to get the word out.

This week we feature Tomos, Mike and Bill…owners of DareDevil Dogs. For the uninitiated, DareDevil Dogs is a gourmet hot dog eatery on North High Street just south of campus. The guys opened their shop within the last year and have already found success. Reviews are good and the fan base is growing. Many days, DareDevil has more customers than they can accommodate…but that’s not just because people are loving specialty dogs like the Stunt Double and the Thrill Seeker…though they are. It’s also because space at DareDevil is super limited (seating for just ten customers).

So Tomos, Mike and Bill have an idea. They want to launch a DareDevil Dogs food truck. They’ve found the truck that’s a perfect fit for them, but it needs updated a bit and outfitted with some new kitchen equipment. The boys are anxious to get these wheels and take DareDevil on the road, traveling to neighborhoods all over the city. And they’re turning to KickStarter for help.

Check out their video above and see if you might want to help unleash DareDevil Dogs in their own food truck.

Good luck, guys!  (jj)

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