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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Hai Poké

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Hai Poké

614now Staff

hpEach week, we give a bit of space and focus to a local would-be entrepreneur or an already-existing Central Ohio businessperson seeking support . Generally, this is someone who has ideas and goals for a product or service, but needs a bit of a boost. These folks turn to crowdfunding and we help to get the word out.

This week, we look at Hai Poké.

Hai Poké is a pop-up restaurant that you may have noticed operating recently at Oddfellows Liquor Bar in the Short North. The men behind it are Nile Woodson and Mico Cordero…friends, roommates and business partners. The Ohio State grad (Woodson) and the University of Toledo grad (Woodson) serve up Hawaiian island-inspired street food. The pair are picking up a lot of fans. Many of those folks are likely newcomers to poké…a sushi bowl combining ahi tuna with sushi-grade rice, fresh vegetables and a simple soy sauce.

Nile and Mico revealed on Monday that their stay at Oddfellows has been extended for another month allowing you to grab a taste on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 4pm to 9pm.

The duo are excited by their success at Oddfellows but are looking to move into their own brick and mortar space. As such, they’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo. The goal is to raise $10,000. They plan to use the money to find and secure a space for their new restaurant. They also want to expand their menu offerings, add additional team members and a catering service.

For more on Nile, Mico and their plans for Hai Poké, check out their page on Indiegogo.  (jj)

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(photo credit: Hai Poké)

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