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Donatos needles deal with Seattle brewery

Donatos needles deal with Seattle brewery

614now Staff

Donatos announced earlier this year that its N High St. pizza joint will be undergoing some major changes: rebuilding and adding its Black Brick Bar, plus two new tenants including another restaurant. And while details about what other restaurant would take up with Donatos were scare, it’s now been announced: Ram Restaurant & Brewery.

The Seattle-based brewery will be part of Donatos expansion and will open a two-story, 9,000 square-foot restaurant with brewery, bar, and kitchen on the first floor. The dining area, plus a rooftop patio, will be on the second floor. Ram will also brew its own beer exclusively for the restaurant (for now, at least. Although there are plans to bottle Ram’s beers down the line).

Still, Cbusrs will have to wait a year to get a taste of the Pacific Northwest brewer, as construction isn’t scheduled to start until the fall for a Spring 2016 opening. (deb)

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