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Knotty Pine Brewing opens today

Knotty Pine Brewing opens today

614now Staff

It’s back! The Knotty Pine is ready to open its doors this weekend and let patrons get a taste of what the brewery has been cooking up. But, patrons will only get served food at this Saturday’s event, as the brewery is still waiting on regulatory approvals for beer. And while you’ll have to wait for Knotty Pine’s IPA and ale, they will be reopening the doors on Tuesday and serving the full menu – food, booze, and all! (deb)

  • Saturday (March 7), 5-9PM: Menu show-off
  • Tuesday (March 10): Full service of drinks/beers and food

*Update: Knotty Pine is opening today (Friday) at 5PM

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Previously Feb. 5, 2015

How rude! The Knotty Pine is back

On Sunday, Rude Dog Bar & Grill closed, but a blast from the past is bringing the space back. The Knotty Pine, which used to occupy the space at (1765) W. Third Ave., is looking at reopening in March as a microbrewery.

The Knotty Pine Brewing Co. is using a half-barrel system,* and working on a pale ale and an IPA as its first two brews. Owner Jay Kessler says, “The microbrewery brings in something new. Hopefully the community will look at us and say this is our beer.”

And if the beer alone doesn’t make you wanna stop in, Kessler also says he’s bringing back the decor and pictures that once called Knotty Pine home. (deb)

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*this makes about a keg of beer


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