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Millennials love Wendy’s

Millennials love Wendy’s

614now Staff

It looks like Wendy’s is a hit with millennials. The ad agency Moosylvania recently completed a survey where they asked 1,500 people ages 20 to 35 to vote for their favorite food brands. And it turns out our hometown hamburger chain is quite the rage. Maybe it’s because of the ‘Red’ advertisements. Maybe it’s because of the pretzel buns. Who knows? But Wendy’s placed a solid 10 on the list! Here’s a look at the Top 10 food brands with millennials according to Moosylvania:

  1. Pepsi (A tough break for Coca-Cola.)
  2. McDonald’s (ba da ba ba ba)
  3. Pizza Hut (…and this was before they started putting hot dogs in the pizza crust.)
  4. Starbucks (It must have been that week when they had baristas talking to customers about race relations that put them over the top.)
  5. Oreo (If they aren’t double-stuff, I’m not interested.)
  6. Nestle (Everybody loves the Swiss.)
  7. Hershey’s (Everybody loves the Pennsylvanians.)
  8. Kellogg’s (They’re grrreat!)
  9. Kraft (The cheesiest.)
  10. Wendy’s (Who doesn’t love Wendy’s?)


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Dublin-based Wendy’s remains one of the top restaurant brands in the nation. This is from¬†figures put together by National Restaurant News magazine and their ranking of the top chains in the nation according to sales figures. Wendy’s totaled $8.6 billion last year to hold steady in fifth place. Tim Hortons, Bob Evans and White Castle were the other locals making the top 100…though Tim Hortons is on its way out of town.

The Top 5:

  1. McDonald’s
  2. Starbucks
  3. Subway
  4. Burger King
  5. Wendy’s

*For the record, from this story’s headline…Big Boy Restaurants (Frisch’s) finished at the bottom of the list: #100


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