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North High Brewing makes a move

North High Brewing makes a move

614now Staff

In 2014, the guys behind North High Brewing made some pretty key moves. For one, Gavin Meyers and Tim Ward brought in a new guy. Jason McKibben not only became North High’s new brewmaster, but as a third owner in the company, he’s personally invested in the group’s success. Couple that with a new production space that seriously increases their potential output and now, they’re ready to make another move…lining up with a distributor. North High has now signed on with Hilliard-based Premium Beverage Supply.

Previously, the guys were doing all of the distributing themselves, but they say that now is the time to partner up. This will allow them to focus on product and, hopefully, get that product into many more locations. They says that they know the market is competitive, but that they are ready to play.  (jj)

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