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Pop-up donut shop opens sweet new home today in the Short North

Pop-up donut shop opens sweet new home today in the Short North

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Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.25.25 PMLyric Donuts has been delighting the clientele at Ace of Cups since its first appearance at the venue last month. And now it’s time to roll into a permanent location.

The man behind rock & roll-themed donuts like the Purple Glaze and The Boss is Michael Murtha. He tells me that the idea to get into the donut business was suggested to him during a conversation with a friend. Michael, who has been brewing java at Impero Coffee Roasters in the Short North for six years says that he loves serving customers but has been anxious to launch his own thing. When his buddy asked “why don’t you open your own donut shop,” he latched onto the thought.

Friends at Ace of Cups have allowed him to use their kitchen to prepare favorites like The Velvet Underground (a raised donut with lemon zest and banana custard) and Ozzy’s Bat Head (a dark chocolate cayane donut hole with a chocolate espresso glaze). In large measure, it was a test for Michael. He wanted to see if he could do it and what sort of a reception his donuts would receive. Thumbs up on both counts. So…on he goes…

Today, Lyric Donuts marks its grand opening inside of Impero Coffee Roasters (849 North High Street). The shop will be open Wednesdays through Sundays keeping similar hours to Impero. Michael will continue to prepare donuts in the Ace of Cups kitchen and bring them to the new spot.

In addition to his already set list of musically-theme donuts, Michael is planning additional special offerings as well. When favorite bands come through town, he expects to create special items in their honor. He also says that he’d like to use his talents to support the local music scene. From time to time, customers may find special items on the menu promoting a band’s upcoming music release.

And while he’s thinking about how he can help and promote Columbus musicians, it looks like he may already have a hit on his own hands.

Lyric Donuts opens today.  (jj)

(photo credit: Lyric Donuts)

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