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Bad connection: Crooks steal phony phones from Verizon store

Bad connection: Crooks steal phony phones from Verizon store

614now Staff

phonesnow2Police say that would-be crooks used large rocks to break out the glass window on the back door of the Verizon store at 4818 North High Street. Officers say that the perps had designs on stealing phones.

The suspects in the overnight heist did a lot of damage to the store’s interior as they cut and ripped phones from the shop’s display cases. Finally, satisfied with their ill-gotten gains, the robbers fled, disappearing into the night as quickly as they had entered.

By now those crooks must have learned what Verizon employees already knew. The phones on those displays were all fake.

This particular store had been the target of multiple recent thefts and had instituted new security measures. Included in those changes was a policy that had the real phones tucked away in a vault with phonies left on display.

Congrats on your brilliant scheme, crooks. Good luck fencing those wireless props on the black market.

Police say that they don’t know how many people were involved in the crime. Their investigation continues.  (jj)

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