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Soda pop shop adds more fizz

Soda pop shop adds more fizz

614now Staff

The carbonization on the two-year old Rambling House isn’t going flat anytime soon, which is why its owner is expanding the soda shop. The current store on Hudson St., which features a full bar and music venue, is starting to feel a little tight at just 160sqft. So they’re making a productive move to a 1,600sqft warehouse on (2628) N Hight St., just behind the Szechuan Cottage. The new production space will have a walk-in cooler, bottling line, and other mechanisms needed for increased soda-making. Its primary focus will be making ginger beer, cola, and sarsaparilla, and shipping them out to local grocers like Lucky’s and Weiland Market.

And for those who still love the original Rambling House, there’s news on that front too. You’ll be able to nosh on some delicious food now, thanks to Paddy Wagon food truck owner Zach James, who’s taken over (the small) kitchen operations at Rambling House. (deb)

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