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Former Ohio state trooper sentenced to 5yrs

Former Ohio state trooper sentenced to 5yrs


Former Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper Bryan Lee was sentenced to five years in federal prison this week. Lee pleaded guilty last year to four counts of violating civil rights of women motorists and one count of cyberstalking. An investigation of Lee’s traffic stops from 2006 to Oct. 2013 revealed that he had been forcing women into performing sexual acts in exchange for him dropping traffic charges. (deb)

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Previously Oct. 31, 2014

Victim: she had alerted authorities of trooper’s actions

Four years ago, Natalie Shull was pulled over by Bryan Lee, the former trooper who pleaded guilty to violating civil rights as well as cyberstalking. She said she had been drinking when she got into her car accident, but what followed wasn’t routine procedure as Lee allowed her to leave after forcing sexual acts from her while she was handcuffed. After though, he let her go and Shull told her mother everything and they got a lawyer, who alerted Lee’s superiors, the Dispatch reported.

At the time, they didn’t seem to believe Shull. Finally after reviewing his dash cam and seeing suspicious activity, and after investigating further, they found he had touched other women when he pulled them over, ripped up tickets and sent one woman 30 messages asking for photos, the paper reported.

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Previously Oct. 30, 2014 

Was a former trooper letting women go for favors?

A former trooper was investigated for possibly letting women he pulled over leave without a ticket in exchange for sexual favors. Bryan Lee was investigated following a situation last fall when he began flirting with two women he pulled over and then turned off his microphone. Wednesday he pleaded guilty to four counts of violating the civil rights of four female motorists along with one count of cyberstalking, the Dispatch reported.

That plea could land him up to nine years in prison.

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