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Clintonville clucks over new Cane’s

Clintonville clucks over new Cane’s


Despite the upset from Clintonville residents, Raising Cane’s has opened it’s newest (and 14th) central Ohio location. The new chicken-finger hotspot opens today along (5132) N High St. So if you’re in the mood for some Texas toast, dipping sauce and fried chicken, head over.

Man, that’s ALOT of beige colored food on one plate … (deb)

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Previously Aug. 26, 2014

Clintonville Cane’s attempting to right a wrong

The Raising Cane’s that was set for Clintonville is attempting to appease the locals about the ravine that was torn through for the new site. The locals against it aren’t having it though. The chicken finger company has agreed to raise money for Pets Without Parents, include historical photos of Clintonville throughout the restaurant, provide money to the Moms Club of Clintonville for new trees in the ravine along with installing a barber pole as a token to the oldest business in the town, Longview Barber Shop. That was not what some residents wanted though. “Labradoodle rescues and things like that aren’t going to help with foxes that have lost their homes,” resident Rich Fowler said, according to ThisWeek Community News. “You have to focus on undoing what was done. We are concerned about nature.” The Cane’s owners are attempting to get on the good side of the residents after admitting they “screwed up” and that they made a mistake.

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Previously Aug. 6, 2014 

New Raising Cane’s site on hold after environmentalists object

Environmentalists were not pleased with the destruction of several trees for a new Raising Cane’s in Clintonville. No amount of chicken fingers was going to be able to bring back the trees, and after so much backlash, the Clintonville Zoning and Variance Committee voted to put the fast food restaurant’s request to knock down an abandoned building on hold, according to ABC6. The company is now being charged with working with the local activists that have protested its creation from the minute a tree was down. The restaurant is now aiming to open in November.

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Previously Aug. 4, 2014 

Raising Cane’s raising hell in Clintonville

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, known for its chicken and famous sauce, is creating more hoopla around its new Clintonville location that the owners thought. Construction had began and knocked down several trees in the planned restaurant, but according to the Clinton Booster the area was part of Bill Moose Ravine, which was where they saw the problem. Environmentalists in the area thought  the Ohio EPA or the Clintonville Area Commission should have inspected the project. The EPA though didn’t deem the land a wetland so it wasn’t a problem, and the area had already been zoned for fast food,Columbus Business First reported.

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