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Uber driving 5-star ice cream deliveries today

Uber driving 5-star ice cream deliveries today

614now Staff

If your sweet tooth is surging, check this out. The passenger transportation app Uber is offering customers a little something special today…ice cream. In each of the 250 cities where Uber operates, they’ve partnered with local ice cream folks for a special dairy deal. Locally, that means having Graeter’s delivered to your office.

Customers (current and new) can open up the app on their phone, set their location and request ice cream. The deal today is an assortment of five 5-ounce cups of ice cream for $20. Customers should expect ice cream within just a few minutes.

In addition, new customers signing up can use the promo code GRAETERS 15 to get a free $20 ride. The ice cream deal today runs from 11am to 5pm.  (jj)

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