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You’re now just an app away from ordering that Frosty

You’re now just an app away from ordering that Frosty

614now Staff

If the lines at Wendy’s are too much, then the fast-food chain has a solution for you. And it involves a smartphone and Bluetooth. Wendy’s is currently testing an app at six central Ohio locations. The app, called Wendy’s Ordering — Columbus, OH, can be downloaded by anyone, but only users in central Ohio will be able to actually use it.

With the app, users can place an order and customize the meal by adding or subtracting condiments and sauces on a sandwich. Side dishes and beverages can be ordered as well. The restaurant will then detect when the customer who placed an order via the app has arrived by reading (Bluetooth) signals from the phone. Customers who go inside can walk to the front of the line and pick up and pay for their order, but drive-thru users will have to start at the end of the line. Their order will be  displayed on a message board when the they pull up.

It’s not exactly certain when the app will be available for use nationwide. But one thing is certain, at least for central Ohio: we now have a faster way of getting some fresh cut fries and a Frosty.

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