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And there’ll be drinking in the streets

And there’ll be drinking in the streets


Update: Governor Kasich on Thursday signed new legislation designating drinking areas allowing open containers in the state of Ohio. The law takes effect immediately.  (jj)

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Update: The bill (House Bill 47) that would allow Ohio to create designated drinking areas and allow open containers, has passed! The House approved the bill last month and on Tuesday, so did the Senate. But before it can become law, it must be signed by Gov. Kasich. And while there’s no timeframe on when he’ll sign it, there is an emergency clause on the bill – meaning that once it’s signed, it becomes effective IMMEDIATELY. (deb)

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Previously March 27, 2015

Last year, a bill was introduced that would allow Ohio’s cities to create designated outdoor drinking areas where people could drink alcohol – kinda like a “this little area is exempt from open container” law. And this week, the bill passed in the Ohio House and will move onto the Senate for consideration. Under the proposed bill, cities with over 35,000 would be able to create ‘refreshment areas.’ They would also have to instill several safe guards like (restricted) hours of operation, number of safety personnel, sanitation plans, and set boundaries for the area(s).

More than likely if the bill gets passed, the city will look into setting up something along the Arena District. Which hey, count me in. I’ve been to Beale St. in Memphis and loved the feeling of walking along a closed street (with a really good beer in hand). (deb)

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Previously Dec. 12, 2014

Don’t break out the open containers yet…

Columbus has been tossing around a new bill that would exempt certain areas from open container laws, but it looks like it won’t be happening anytime soon. The Senate passed its bill earlier this month, but it looks like the House will wait until next year. Some had hoped that the bill would take effect in time for the NHL All-Star Game this January. Looks like, for now, Columbus will have to stick with the standard “jostling at the bar for a spot.”

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Previously Dec. 3, 2014

Drink Up Me Hearties

It’s about to get a lot easier to raise a glass in Columbus. The Ohio Senate passed a bill allowing cities and townships to create “entertainment districts” exempt from the state’s open container laws. Patrons will have to buy and drink in the area, but will be able to take their drinks from venue to venue. Break out the red Solo cups, Columbus is about the become a living Lil Jon song.

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