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No more monkey business

No more monkey business

614now Staff

Some things you expect to see on your morning commute: people talking on cellphones, someone putting makeup on using the rearview mirror, maybe a possum, etc. on the side of the road. But there’s definitely one thing you don’t expect to see: a monkey.

And that’s exactly what Leah Gimmett thought after she spotted something in the road Wednesday morning. Gimmett was driving when a small animal crossed in front of her, and looked up at her. She said,  “It definitely did not look like any other animal, and all I could think of was it was a monkey. … I did not think that there would be a monkey in Ohio, running around.”

After reporting it, the Pickaway County Sheriff’s office and a local dog shelter found that it might actually be a monkey! “We found an ad on the internet, two monkeys basically being given away. They’re very small. They match the description–gray with a white face,” Mark Rogols, chief dog warden in Pickaway County, said. It’s believed that it’s a capuchin monkey that someone in Ashville was trying to giveaway.

The department received several monkey sighting calls that day and searched the area, but so far the monkey hasn’t been found. If you see the monkey, or any wild animal on the loose (for those in Pickaway County), call the dog shelter at (740) 474-3741. (deb)

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