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Ohio finds Palcohol unsoluble

Ohio finds Palcohol unsoluble

614now Staff

The Ohio House voted for (92-3) a bill that would ban the sale of powdered alcohol and pure powdered caffeine. Senate Bill 7 was introduced after an 18-year-old died last year from ingesting pure powdered caffeine, and lawmakers take action because they felt the substance wasn’t properly labeled or regulated. These are pretty much the same reasons for including a ban on powdered alcohol (Palcohol) in the bill.  The bill now heads to the Senate for final concurrence.

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Previously Feb. 19, 2015

Ohio House doesn’t find powdered alcohol soluble

The Ohio House (wpalcohol-three-labelsith near unanimous approval) passed a bill that bans the sale of powered alcohol. The bill is likely targeting a product called Palcohol, a powder that – according to its slogan – “turns water into rum*.” Right now, Palcohol is getting ready to go on general sale and several states are rushing to put bills through that remove the product from shelves.

The bill will move into the Ohio Senate next for voting. (deb)

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*Palcohol is added to a beverage to make it an alcoholic drink


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