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Practice makes perfect, according to new bill

Practice makes perfect, according to new bill

614now Staff

A new bill in Ohio wants to make sure inexperienced (see: young) drivers get more training and time behind the wheel. The transportation bill, signed by Gov. Kasich earlier this week, adds more training time and restrictions for (some) new drivers, like giving anyone 18yrs+ getting a license for the first time only one chance to pass the driving test; if they fail, they’ll have to take a driving course before trying again. The bill will also make Ohio the first state to use simulators for part of the driving test. The push for the bill has been getting lots of local celebrity support, in part due to its dedication to making distracted driving a citable offense. (deb)

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Previously Feb. 18, 2015

House Bill 53: Eyes on the road!

Yesterday, the Ohio House Finance Committee met over House Bill 53. The bill aims to make roads safer by making distracted driving* a ticketable offense and also funding additional resources that’ll teach the dangers of distracted driving. The bill’s ultimate goal would be a permanent end to distracted driving. (deb)

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*Distracted driving is driving while doing other things (like texting, talking on the phone, watching videos, eating, or reading) that take a driver’s attention away from the road.


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