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Resigning councilwoman turns records over to feds

Resigning councilwoman turns records over to feds

614now Staff

Michelle Mills responded to a federal subpoena by turning over records to investigators just days after announcing her resignation from Columbus City Council.

Mills surprised many on August 10th by stepping down from her seat and removing her name from the November ballot. (She had informed colleagues of her plans just one day sooner.) The move came as questions were asked about her connections with lobbyist John Raphael. Raphael has been tied to the recent Redflex red light camera story involving the alleged bribing of elected officials. At minimum, she connects to Raphael through a trip that the lobbyist took her and three fellow council members on to last December’s Big Ten Championship Game in Indianapolis. Mills only paid reimbursement in July of 2015 after Raphael was linked to the Redflex story. (She said that she had been waiting to receive an invoice. Other council members had already paid for their trips.)

The federal records subpoena comes as questions are being asked about whether Councilwoman Mills accepted free dinners and / or gifts from people (or friends of people) doing business or desiring to do business with the city.

Michelle Mills’ council resignation is effective September 4th.  (jj)

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