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Former firefighter and son sentenced in pharmacy robberies

Former firefighter and son sentenced in pharmacy robberies

614now Staff

cvsEarlier this year, we told you about retired Westerville firefighter Jeffrey Young (50) and his 22 year-old son Aaron. The pair were arrested and charged in a series of pharmacy robberies. They ripped off Kroger pharmacies in New Albany and in Blendon Township as well as a CVS in Westerville.

Prosecutors say that one of the Youngs would go up to the pharmacy counter and demand Oxycodone. (Twice a gun was shown.) The other Young would wait near the scene. The Columbus Dispatch reports that police believe the father was the one that approached the counter and demanded the meds. In court today, dear old dad was sentenced to 4 years in prison for his part in the crimes. Son Aaron received a sentence of 8 years. The son has a previous record of criminal behavior while the father does not. Also, Jeffrey Young’s 30-year career in the fire department was taken into consideration for sentencing.  (jj)

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