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Franklin Township Police Department gutted by voter rejection

Franklin Township Police Department gutted by voter rejection

614now Staff

11741065_1187778947915556_7800108387090341141_oIt’s a popular saying in politics. Elections have consequences. That is certainly true for the people of Franklin Township.

The police department in Franklin Township has been operating with a reduced force (6 officers) due to budgetary constraints. Passage of a ballot levy this week would have restored the force to full strength (11 officers). Voters said no. The levy failed 59% to 41%.

The consequences? Two more officers will need to be let go with the beginning of the new year. The department says that means that officers will only be responding to calls. They simply won’t have the force to conduct regular patrols.

But, wait, there’s more. At a meeting Thursday night, Police Chief Al Wheeler announced his resignation. (He’s taking a job elsewhere.)

10TV reports that trustees are considering putting a new levy request in front of voters next year.  (jj)

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