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Kasich offers update on his dam plan

Kasich offers update on his dam plan

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Governor Kasich on Thursday offered an update on his plan to replace the dam at Buckeye Lake.

A report in March by the Army Corp of Engineers described the structure as being at risk of “catastrophic failure,” endangering the homes and lives of all around it. Following that assessment, Kasich ordered that the dam be replaced with estimates saying that could cost nearly $150 million and as long as five years to build.

The governor says that a proposal now being considered would have a new dam built right in front of the current one using something called a “soil mixing” design. He says that this would result in a lower cost and take less time to complete.  (jj)

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Previous: Kasich’s dam plan for dealing with Buckeye Lake 3/19/15

The last week has brought a lot of concern about Buckeye Lake. A report from the Army Corps of Engineers warns that the 177 year-old dam is not to be trusted and that a catastrophic failure is possible. The corps recommended draining the lake permanently.

At a Thursday meeting between Governor John Kasich and state and local officials, Kasich gave his directive: Replace the dam.

The governor says that he cannot imagine draining Buckeye Lake and the impact that doing so would have on the area. Under his direction, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has begun permitting and design work for a replacement dam. The cost of a new structure could be upwards of $125 million.  (jj)

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Previously, March 18, 2015

It seems there’s a lot to say about Buckeye Lake and its possible draining. Around 500 residents came out to voice their opinions at yesterday’s meeting at Liberty Center (Lancaster,OH).

Earlier this month, the Army Corps of Engineers put out a report that recommended draining Buckeye Lake since the lake’s almost 200-year-old dam is likely to see “catastrophic failure.” Currently, the lake is being kept at winter water levels, and Fairfield County commissioners plan on holding a meeting with the ODNR director to go over the public’s comments. (deb)

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Previously, March 16, 2015:  Army Corps of Engineers recom’ds: ‘Drain Buckeye Lake’

A new report from the Army Corps of Engineers is recommending that Buckeye Lake be drained…permanently. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) commissioned the survey to determine the safety of the lake’s 177 year-old dam. The Corps is warning of the possibility of a “catastrophic failure” that could occur without sufficient time for evacuation. Officials say that they will take time to go over the full findings of the report and that they will host a series of open houses to gather input from the public before moving forward.  (jj)

Meetings on Buckeye Lake:

  • News conference (Ohio EMA), March 16 at 11 AM
  • Tuesday, March 17 at 7 PM (open to public)
    • Liberty Center, 951 Liberty Dr. (Lancaster,OH)

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