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Surprise! Lion cubs born at Columbus Zoo

Surprise! Lion cubs born at Columbus Zoo

614now Staff



lion222editThe Columbus Zoo has given us some exciting news today…the birth of four lion cubs. The zoo says that the lioness (Asali) gave birth Sunday night.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise. There was no real evidence that Asali was pregnant. The zoo tells us that pregnancies are confirmed by analyzing hormone levels in the fecal matter of the prospective mother lion. And while they had been testing, those results had shown little evidence that m’lady was expecting. The zoo announced just last week that Asali’s sister (Kazi) is expecting and was taken off view to the public to prepare for the birth of her first litter. This is Asali’s second time birthing cubs.

The Columbus Zoo says that Asali and her cubs all appear to be healthy. This is the first birth of lion cubs at the zoo since 2009.  (jj)


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