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And we went down to the water

And we went down to the water

614now Staff

What to do with Buckeye Lake. It’s been a ‘hot-button’ topic ever since the Army Corps of Engineers recommended draining the lake in order to avoid ‘catastrophic failure’  of its dam. And while there’s still some back-and-forthing on whether it will be repaired or drained, one thing is definitely happening: water levels are going down. In order to help stave off (some) risk, The ODNR is lowering the lake to its winter water levels. The draining started yesterday (4/2) and will go for about one week, with the end being just three feet of water left.

The ODNR knows that the draining of Buckeye Lake is a sensitive spot for many, so they’re carefully monitoring the draining and dam. (deb)

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