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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Sweet Carrot Grandview

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Sweet Carrot Grandview

614now Staff
[kickstarter id=”223487110/sweet-carrot-grandview”]

Each week, we give a bit of space and focus to a local would-be entrepreneur. Generally, this is someone who has ideas and goals for a product or business, but maybe not the funds to get their promising enterprise off the ground. These folks turn to crowdfunding and we help to get the word out.

This week, we feature Angela Petro. Angela is the president of Two Caterers, though you may know her best as the woman behind the popular Sweet Carrot food truck. Recently, Angela bought the old Rife’s Market at the corner of 5th and Grandview in Grandview. And she’s ready to convert that space into a full-fledged sit-down Sweet Carrot restaurant. But that takes resources and everything that goes inside of a restaurant….tables, chairs, plates, glasses and a million other things.

Through her kickstarter, Angela is offering backers not only cool swag, but food as well. That’s right…help her out now, and score some yummy Sweet Carrot deliciousness once the restaurant opens its doors. Check out the video above for more info.

Good luck, Sweet Carrot!




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