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Flight plan: a replacement for Port Columbus?

Flight plan: a replacement for Port Columbus?

614now Staff

While the work continues on Port Columbus’ $80 million renovation, plans are in the works for what happens when the city’s air traffic outgrows the capacity of CMH. (The FAA requires airports to think long-term…20 years ahead in most cases…and update those plans from time-to-time so that they can decide the worthiness of projects that the administration is asked to help fund.) Officials say that travelers’ needs could outgrow the airport by 2030.

A $1.3 billion plan put out by the Columbus Regional Airport Authority would call for a new terminal (to replace the present one), built just to the west of the current Port Columbus. A new parking garage, a separate rental car facility and the capability to accommodate a potential light rail system are also part of the plan.  (jj)

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